ADAS Calibration

Alabama Glastek Can Calibrate Your Vehicle's ADAS

What is ADAS calibration?

ADAS calibration, or Advanced Driver Assistance Systems calibration, refers to the process of ensuring the proper functioning of the various sensors and cameras integrated into a vehicle's safety features. These systems include components like adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, automatic emergency braking, and other advanced technologies designed to enhance driver safety. Calibration involves precisely aligning and configuring these sensors to the manufacturer's specifications, ensuring accurate and reliable data collection by the ADAS components.

Why do I need ADAS calibration?

It is important for car owners near Birgmingham to have their ADAS calibrated for several reasons. Firstly, after certain vehicle maintenance procedures such as windshield replacement, wheel alignment, or suspension repairs, the recalibration of ADAS becomes crucial to guarantee that these systems continue to operate effectively. Any physical changes to the vehicle, such as getting a windshield replaced or a collision, can impact sensor alignment, necessitating recalibration to maintain accurate functionality. Additionally, software updates or system malfunctions may prompt the need for ADAS recalibration to address any issues and ensure optimal performance. Regular calibration is essential for preserving the intended safety benefits of these advanced technologies and promoting overall road safety in Birmingham and all of Alabama.


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